Bali Rainbow Weddings

Bali Rainbow Weddings is one of Bali's most experienced Wedding Agencies & Travel Arrangement - and it is also very different from any other Wedding Organizer on this island. Bali Rainbow Weddings is unique, because:

  • BRW not only caters for Romeo+Julia romantic Wedding Ceremonies and vibrant Wedding Receptions.
  • BRW also performs beautiful Commitment Ceremonies for Romeo+Romeo and for Julia+Julia.

Our Slogan and our Vision is simple: "The Power of Love".
Our Mission: Provide the best wedding ceremonies and receptions for "all lovers in the world".

At Bali Rainbow Weddings, we do not judge what partner you chose, whose love you need so much, whose presence you cannot live without. What we see every day is: Two adults very much in love with each other and treating each other with utmost respect and dignity. And for all those Romeo+Julias, and Romeo+Romeos, and Julia+Julias, Bali Rainbow Weddings offers its unrivalled wedding and stunning receptions services – tailored for each couple in deep consideration for their wonderful love.

European owned and managed locally, the team of Bali Rainbow Weddings looks back on hundreds of wonderful weddings and spectacular receptions over the past years – whose meticulous planning and precise organization the loving couples and their considerate families and friends have put in our experienced, and capable, and trustworthy hands.

At Bali Rainbow Weddings we listen to our couples very carefully - so we understand what kind of wedding or reception you have in mind, or where we can help with some fresh ideas and innovative input. In the end, it is all about the two of you, about this magic Wedding Day - which many couples see as their "Most Important Day in Our Life".