Bali offers a wide range of locations where your wedding reception, your wedding dinner, and your wedding party can take place. The couple's choice will be determined by preferred location, in- or outdoors, styles, themes, guest number, and, of course, the budget.

Most wedding venues offer their own sites for the couple's after wedding events, on the beach, in the garden, in a sheltered restaurant.

There is an abundance of private villas that are happy to cater for wedding receptions and parties, from smaller villas to big complexes.

Some couples and their families may feel more comfortable to conduct their gala wedding reception in the security of a resort's grand ballroom. Most of the bigger Bali resorts are available for such kind of event, so are the conference halls.

One favourite venue for your wedding party may be the beautifully landscaped and almost legendary Bali gardens. Couples may choose between resorts, villas, wedding venues, elephant and safari parks, golf club, etc.

Under the sky, on the water edge: Certainly a special kind of wedding party, on Bali's West, South, East and North Coast; all of them unique - and equally inviting.

Closest to nature: a wedding dinner on the slopes of one of Bali's sacred mountains. Ubud is certainly a preferred destination, but also smaller resorts or villas in other mountain villages offer breath taking locations.